Why cycling can be more dangerous than travelling by car?

Not going to say much about my journey this morning – was wet, windy and full off assholes.

I pulled one over who overtook me at around 30mph, missing me by just 6in. Granted, he opened his window and talked to me, but the tripe that flowed out of his mouth was apalling.

The conversation went like this:

“Why did you overtake me with 6in to spare”
“Because there was a car at the side of me”
“That doesn’t matter. Why didn’t you slow down and wait. Your supposed to give me 3 foot”
“Because I couldn’t overtake you any wider because there was a car at the side of me”

By this time there where cars beeping behind him, as I was holding up the traffic – they all got the middle finger.

“Why didn’t you slow down and pull in behind me – you weren’t getting anywhere quicker than me”
“I couldn’t get any further out because there was a car at the side of me”
“You do know you are being filmed?”

His face changed here and he said:

“Sorry mate”

Unfortunately for me, but fortunately for him – I couldn’t use my camera because it was pissing it down, but for those of you that can’t grap what was wrong with this manouvre (I know some of you read on Facebook and don’t come over to the site)… Blokes – pull down you pants and get erect then hold out your penis. Attach a swinging brick to the roof and let it drop and whisk by your cock…

Girls, a similar experiment – just pull down your fellas pants and get him hard and imagine the same thing.

I also had a go at a woman blocking an ASL where I needed to be, and she couldn’t see the big white cyclist painted on it. She did it over two ASL, and then when I pointed it out again – she shrugged her shoulders and said “what have I done”.


Below is an article they are pushing on GMTV…

Find out why cycling can be more dangerous than travelling by car

Cycling in England is much more hazardous than car travel, with June the worst month for those on two wheels, according to a BMJ (British Medical Journal) report today.

For every 100 injuries a year to car occupants, there are at least 68 injuries to cyclists and pedestrians, but cyclists made significantly fewer journeys than car travellers, the report from the University of Surrey said.

Seasonal patterns

The figures were based on a study of seasonal patterns in hospital admissions in England for road traffic injuries for car and lorry drivers and passengers, and for motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians between 1999 and 2004.

  • Hospital admissions for car drivers and passengers were highest during the winter, although seasonal variation was not as pronounced as it was for other forms of transport.
  • Admissions in December were 16% above average and 5% below average in June.
  • By contrast, there was a strong seasonal pattern in admissions for adult cyclists. Admissions peaked in June at a third above average and troughed in December at more than a quarter (27%) below average. But a greater proportion of winter injuries were serious.
  • Admissions for child cyclists in August were almost double the monthly average, while those in December were about a fifth below average. A similar pattern was evident for motorbike riders, for whom admissions peaked in August at 33% above average and troughed in January at 43% below average.
  • Among child pedestrians, admissions were highest in late spring, peaking at 24% above average in May and dropping 28% below average in December.
  • Those for adult pedestrians followed a different pattern. They were a third higher than average in December and 17% lower than average in July.
  • Despite the fact that cycling during the summer months is likely to be safer, there were around 10,000 more hospital admissions for pedestrians and cyclists between April and September than for car drivers and passengers over the six years of the study.
  • Even after excluding injuries that did not involve collision with vehicles, the number of hospital admissions for pedestrians and cyclists injured by vehicles during the study period was around two-thirds as high as those for injured car drivers and passengers.

The report’s authors said cycling was more hazardous than driving at any time of the year because proportionally fewer trips are made by bike.

During the study period, the average number of trips taken by car was more than 40 times higher than those made by bike, but this was not reflected in the injury toll.

The authors pointed out that journeys by bike and foot were good for both the waistline and the planet, but they added: “However, in some circumstances, when people feel that it is unsafe to cycle or walk, they may be right.”

They went on: “International comparison shows that both injury and death rates per distance travelled by cyclists in the UK are more than three times those found in the Netherlands or Denmark.”

Evening Commute:
Total Distance:
9.72 miles
Total Time: 42m 46s
Max Speed: 30.00mph
Avg Speed: 13.64mph
Avg H/Rate:
Cadence: 79rpm

Well that was an interesting ride home for a few reasons… One, I nearly got knocked off my bike by someone swinging left just in front of me to get a little bit further – luckily I’d anticipated her and slowed down – but she wouldn’t slow down for a discussion about what she’d just done.

Then, on a really bad road I witnessed a motorcylist going too fast, then put his brakes on too late and plough into the back of a car and fall off his bike.

Needless to say – people in the cars behind where beeping impatiently – not knowing what was going on in front. I stopped to make sure he was OK – offered him a lift with his bike, but he had it covered. I picked up his indicator and passed it to him and off I went.

A couple of minutes later he drove past and beeped his horn giving me a thumbs up – which made my day.

I had a cow try and drive me off the road on a corner coming onto Hyde Road despite her knowing I was there (I purposely pulled in front of her on the ASL she was parked over, as thats the safest place to be).

I then had some young girls smiling and giggling at me for a couple of minutes at three sets of lights – all in good jest (i bloody well hope so anyway) and then boy racers beeping their horns at me because I was in their way – cocks.

I then, finally had an asshole driving up my ass in a van, so I sped up, pulled over and watched as he had to slam his brakes on because a car had pulled out in front of him – I wouldn’t have had any sympathy had they crashed!

Now we’re getting ready for a curry as we are at Tung Hing Lau’s (the greatest Chinese restaurant ever!) tomorrow.