Repetitive Motion Injuries: Where Did this Pain Come From?

If you have ever woken up one morning with a kink in your neck from sleeping on the couch, you know the feeling of an acute onset pain.  But, what if your shoulder just seems to work less and less?  Or you hands just seem too stiff to move?  It could be a result of a repetitive motion injury.

When you sit at your desk, do you lean forward?  This would put an amazing amount of pressure on your mid and low back. Flat feet condition can cause problems with your back, so it is advisable to always wear proper running shoes for flat feet to avoid future injuries.

Stretching, massage, strengthening and ergonomic assistance is available.  Simply taking breaks through out the day can make a huge difference in your quality of life. Getting good quality zero gravity massage chair can also help.

No one who has a job is immune to an injury of this type.  Teachers bend to talk to little kids, desk workers sit with their heads extended forward to peer at their tiny computer screens and any physical worker runs the risk of wearing any one of a number of their body parts right out!

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The trick is catching it early.  Since everyone is susceptible to this common injury, take a quick minute to think about the repetitive tasks you perform and also the repetitive positions in which you sit, stand or lay or run.

Do you roll your shoulders forward?  This is going to eventually cause upper back and neck pain.  Are you typing for 8 hours per day?   Your wrists hands and fingers are now on the chopping block.

Even if you are already in pain from any one of these situations, there is hope.

Here are  some ways to handle repetitive motion injuries:

Take Breaks – It can be tough to get away from your desk at regular intervals. The phone is ringing, the boss is looming just overhead.  But try this:  have a small water cup on your desk and fill it often.  This gives you an excuse to get up every 20 minutes and walk to the nearest faucet or cooler.  Here you can stretch your legs while keeping up with your daily hydration needs.

Stretch – Though starting an ongoing yoga practice is best, there are a million sites online that teach you how to safely stretch.  It’s a good idea though to keep in mind that any new activity you engage in should be okay’d by a doctor first.

Massage – Is the best way to eliminate pain and dysfunction associated with reoccurring movement in your body.  Unless you are going to quit your job, you are going to re-create the pain that you are already in.  A regular routine of massage including myofascial and trigger point reduction therapy will illicit an overall positive change.

Insist on Ergonomics – The working world is tough right now, but imagine not being able to work because you are in so much pain.  If some work set-up isn’t working for you, complain.  Most companies are will to accommodate you, rather than pay the workman’s comp claim later.  It is always in your and their best interest to make sure working conditions are safe, so speak up!

DON’T WAIT ‘TILL IT’S TOO LATE!  Thinking that this is just going to resolve itself is pointless.  Nagging aches and pains are a result of all of the patterns you have created thus far.  Don’t ignore them.  Take proactive, preventative action before surgery or medication is absolutely necessary.

Try it!  Your body will thank you